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Remove energy blocks in the nervous system and 
awaken the body’s innate healing intelligence.

An Ayurveda acupressure (Marma) session is an extraordinary way to experience and balance your mind-body connection. It helps discover and uncover energetic blocks (stress) in the body, so you can recover your natural state of being - the natural flow of vitality, ease, and creative joy.

Marma is a vital point on the body. Marma bodywork is similar to the Chinese system of acupressure. Marma points are the doorways to the body’s energetic pathways. They are the junctions between the physical and energetic body. Think of them like intersections where the pathways of the veins/arteries, nervous system, and energetic network all meet. When they are free of stress clutter, information flows with clarity and ease; all vital systems operate with vitality and regularity.

Ayurveda acupressure therapy helps facilitate clear and balanced flow of communication in the tissues, circulatory system, nervous system, lymph, vital organs, chakras, and energetic pathways


  • An assessment to discuss client concerns and set health/wellbeing goal for session

  • Organic western and Ayurvedic essential oils. I use the highest quality oils from Ayurvedic Institute and Young Living.



  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Refresh and rejuvenate your body and mind

  • Helps relieve pain

  • Alleviates sleep disorders

  • Boosts energy to the 5 senses

  • Support sinuses and lungs (allergy and cold relief!)

  • Feel grounded, centered, and energized

  • Stoke and support creative fire

*Hour and half-hour sessions.