Ayurveda Dinacharya

Creating the Best Road Map for Lifelong Health

Baby steps. Mile markers. Daily Routines.

What do these things have in common?

They are the plan and pathway to a lifetime adventure of optimal health, creativity and happiness

My Ayurvedic Daily Routine has allowed me to be rooted in the things that ground and nourish me. From this place of groundedness and vitality, I am able to expand and blossom in all aspects of my life as an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor, yoga teacher, and writer.

Making lifestyle changes to improve health can seem daunting, hard, and even impossible. After all, most folk’s calendars are already full.

How does one find the time and energy to add more on “the to-do list”?

One of my favorite movies is “What About Bob”. Bob wants to make a life change – to become more stable, confident and happy. Yet he doesn’t know where or how to begin. His doctor suggests he take “baby steps”.

Bob: I can’t do that. It’s too big!

Dr. Leo: Baby steps Bob. Baby steps.

The Ayurvedic pathway to regaining and maintaining balance in body and mind is all about baby steps.

Dinacharya: Ayurvedic Daily Routine

Taking baby steps is totally my philosophy in creating an Ayurvedic Daily Routine! The Sanskrit word for daily routine is “Dinacharya”. “Dina” means “day” and “charya” means “routine.”

Day by day. Baby steps.

“Little acts of self-care done with awareness and love on a daily basis

create lifelong health benefits.” ~kellen

A Dinacharya is a plan of action, an organization of important tasks, and a cozy, creative structure that allows for maximum potential of reaching one’s health and life goals.

Let me repeat. A Dinacharya is a cozy and creative structure.

When you design the perfect daily routine for the current season, day, and your unique body/mind Ayurvedic constitution, your Dinacharya feels as cozy as your favorite jeans and tee shirt. After you finish your daily routine, you feel creative inspiration. And have optimal amounts of energy, inspiration, and focus to create the very best in all aspects of your day!

The approach I take in creating my Ayurvedic Daily Routine is both pragmatic and creative. I desire to be productive each day…and have fun!!

Sunrise and Sunset. Greetings and Goodbyes.

I have a morning and an evening Dinacharya. My morning routine allows me to awaken and prepare my body and mind for the day’s mission. This helps me reflect on the amazing gift of another day. It also helps me align my mind with my heart, so I am prepared to make choices during the day, from a place of centeredness. Or at least not allow myself to get too far off in the weeds, when my vata mind starts to wander.

My evening routine encourages me to release any physical and mental shmootz accumulated during the day. This sets the slumber stage for a sweet night of deep rest and rejuvenating sleep.

So, how to start creating the very best Dinacharya for yourself?

Baby Steps to Creating Your Ayurvedic Daily Routine

First, start simple.

When creating my own Dinacharya or designing one for a client, I include three important elements of being healthy and happy. They are:

  1. Self-care
  2. Gratitude
  3. Creativity

Self-care can take the form of a yoga pose or routine, Abhyanga massage, a walk, or pedicure. Gratitude can be writing in a gratitude journal, sitting meditation in nature, or showering a loved one with affection. Creativity can be writing, painting, doodling, concocting a new breakfast dish, or gardening.

Reflect on what feels depleted in your body and mind. Listen to what your intuitive heart is requesting. Then create your Dinacharya. Remember to take baby steps.

On most days, my morning routine is about an hour. However, on a calendar full day, when I only have 20-30 minutes to devote, my morning routine looks like this:

  1. Self-care. Doing warm Abhyanga massage before my shower.
  2. Gratitude. Doing Warrior I, II and III while taking dogs to backyard meadow to do their thing. Warrior poses open my heart, and my dogs always make me feel grateful for getting out in nature.
  3. Creativity. Writing in my “Morning Pages” journal. Sometimes writing and doodling in my art & writing journal.

A typical evening routine for me is:

  1. Self-care. Hot cocoa with sprinkles of cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom. Often enjoyed with large dollop of whipped cream!
  2. Gratitude. Supported bridge pose to release stress in shoulders and neck. And to reflect and give thanks to the daily events that made my heart smile. Often done listening to my favorite music, like Emmylou Harris, Griffin House, or Francis Poulenc.
  3. Creativity. Writing, drawing or doodling in journals. Or reading poetry or books. Books by Jim Harrison, Annie Dillard, Barry Spacks, Ogden Nash, and David Whyte. At night, I stay away from Ayurveda and yoga books, because they simulate my mind to thinking about integrating the information into my business. My evening reading is all about “getting lost” in the pages.

So, give it a go!

And, reach out to me to consult on how to create the very best Dinacharya for yourself. When designing daily routines for clients, I make them easy, effective, and enjoyable. Easy to integrate into their calendar day. Effective at bringing balance and health to their body and mind. And enjoyable. After all, life is meant to be enjoyed! And it’s best enjoyed when we are in a state of ease, rather than stress.

An Ayurvedic Daily Routine helps one remove and release the stress in the body and mind, so one can fully live a long, healthy, creative and brilliant life.

Yeehaw and giddy up on the most amazing adventure trail…your Ayurvedic Daily Routine!

And remember….Baby steps, gorgeous souls, baby steps!!